Before preparing the underlying project documentation, we carefully selected suitable sites in cooperation with municipal representatives, air protection experts and landscape architecture experts. We worked with planting and green space specialists with many years of experience and expertise. The selection of sites was based on the results of mobile air measurements from the TENT AIR project, which serve as a scientific basis for the practical application of measures that improve air quality.


The aim of our project is to improve air quality and the environment. Therefore, we have decided to use a system of protective greenery composed of different elements that work together. These elements include settlement vegetation lines, settlement vegetation areas, landscape vegetation lines and landscape vegetation areas. When selecting trees, we were careful to select the optimum size at the time of planting to ensure the best fit. The species mix of trees was carefully selected in conjunction with the existing greenery and with consideration of the suitability of the planting and the desired effect.


With each planting of trees and shrubs we make the necessary soil amendments, adding initial fertiliser to encourage growth. We install support stakes and provide appropriate irrigation measures to ensure optimal care and support the healthy development of the greenery. Where necessary, we protect newly planted trees against predation by wildlife.

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