It is both a challenge and a pleasure for me to participate in the creation of the new shape of the village of Zdiby. A village where people will have a good life and where they can spend their leisure time relaxing, playing sports or socialising.

Our landscape studio aims to bring the maximum amount of vegetation into the designed area with all its benefits, improving the living space of people, but also increasing the stability and resilience of the whole area.

In the settlement itself, we are working to strengthen the green system: we are working on improving the condition of existing areas of public green space (parks, small spaces), adding to existing and designing new tree plantings, and proposing plantings of shrubs and perennials. We are working mainly with native species and respecting the rural character of the settlement, which we are complementing and emphasising with the proposed composition of greenery.

In the landscape around the village, we build on proven and traditional solutions, inspired by the wisdom of our ancestors, studying old maps and fragments of original elements directly in the field. We restore old paths, linking them into systems that benefit the landscape and the people in it. We then return native species to the local cultural agricultural landscape, in our case mostly old varieties of fruit trees, but also wild species that have almost disappeared from the landscape and have an irreplaceable place in it.

We think about the whole area conceptually, in context, looking for the best possible solutions, based on a good personal knowledge of the environment.

We bring a piece of ourselves to our work.


Markéta Pešičková

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